Geronimo Center for Innovation and Leadership

Since landing in UY in 1997, Matt and Toni Daniels believed firmly that Uruguayans would only come to Christ through an intimate experience of joy in community. A vision of an intentional community that lived together, hosted retreats, and worked in the city would led them to purchase an 18-acre coastal estate 30 miles outside of Montevideo. They founded the Geronimo Center for Innovation and Leadership shortly after as a Uruguayan non-profit.
After years of renovating the property, training leaders and passing on Communitas’ culture, as of 2020, the Daniels handed the leadership of this project over to the Uruguayan team: Andres Ordonez, Nicolas Iglesias and Stefanie Kreher. They have neamed the retreat center La Rueca (the spinning wheel)
Matt and Toni serve on the board and continue coaching as necessary. Below is the team’s passion and strategy for this work.

We feel called to:

  1. Research, educate, and find other ways of being church in the world, ie in the social, educational, and business spheres, that brings dignity and agency to all members.
  2. Be part of a group that walks together in the formation, development, and restoration of the community as a whole, wherever God calls us and with whoever God calls us.
  3. Train and equip people from all over the country in all stages and places in life to connect with the heart of each one and the heart of God, live as ecosystems of Grace (healthy community).
  4. Form people and families who are emotionally connected with each other and with God, following him and being church / ekklesia everywhere in every segment of society –

We seek to complete our mission by:

  1. modeling and multiplying vibrant, healthy Christian faith communities
  2. offering training in relationship skills in all sectors of society
  3. strategically partnering with other like-minded organizations.

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May 18, 2023