How many times have you been frustrated by your efforts to share the gospel? Does this sound like your experience? It’s a 3-day process to work up the courage. The person you shared with is uninterested. They actually have really good reasons for not taking your viewpoint. You feel like a failure afterward – confused and ashamed that you weren’t able to convince them to believe in Jesus.

It doesn’t have to be this way! The good news is you can have spiritual conversations that are not only meaningful but also engaging and transformative for you both. When we engage people the way Jesus did, we can’t help but reflect His love. When this happens, something divine happens. The Spirit of God will begin touching the longings of the hearts of those around you as you create space for Him to work and speak through you. Keep reading to learn how to do this in your context.

Transformed Lives, Transformed Neighborhoods, Transformed World

The Revangelism Course will show you how to have conversations the way Jesus did. It’s designed to empower you with the tools to effectively share God so that you can be confident to enter into spiritual conversation with anyone. You will learn how to ask relevant questions that stir a person’s heart, how and when to bring in scripture and your own experience, and how to avoid many of the mistakes Christians make when talking about God and their relationship with Him.

This is a 5-session training spanning 5 weeks. Each week, participants will be given reading and activity assignments to solidify learning, including the 5 steps to effective whole person evangelism:

  • Noticing – opening our eyes to what’s really going on
  • Serving – the importance of taking the initiative to communicate God’s love
  • Listening – the practice of saying less to say more
  • Wondering – learning to engage our curiosity and explore
  • Sharing – the time and place for God’s story

To sign up for our next course, see about running it with your church, or just to ask a question, reach out to Brad Smith through the contact details below.


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