CO2 (Church of Two)

Cross-cultural servanthood is hard! The Purpose of the Co2 is to help Christians experience connection on a heart level with themselves, with others and with God in order to build resiliency. Relational joy, emotional intelligence, and an increased awareness of God’s presence increases our resilience and perseverance. We do this through learning relational connectedness practices, or “Rhythm’s of Attention,” that become reflexive and automatic, building a foundation of deep connectedness for when the going gets tough!

You will learn a new Spiritual discipline, how to recover from overwhelm more quickly, how to look for Joy in life, how to become more aware of your “heart level” feelings, how to practice listening prayer, and how to better discern God’s voice.

Co2 is a 6-week, facilitated course created by the LK10 organization that confirms the Bible with neuroscience to introduce people to the basics of connecting heart to heart with each other and with God daily. We are privileged to offer this course and thankful to LK10 for sharing it with us!

In this course you will learn a beautiful process for accountability as it should be. Consequently, it is HIGHLY recommended that you take this course with a prayer partner, spouse, or someone you feel comfortable being vulnerable with, as well as someone you can continue to meet with after the course is finished.

This course includes 6 – 1.5 hour Zoom sessions with home work practices over a period of 6 weeks.

  • Session 0: Intro – Overview of the course and the learning process.
  • Session 1: A Track to Run On – Introduction to the “Co2” – Church of 2.
  • Session 2: Listening and Sharing On the Heart Level – The “Check In” practice.
  • Session 3: Daily Conversational Intimacy With Jesus – SIFT
  • Session 4: Spreading the Joy – Luke 10:2b prayer
  • Session 5: Where Do We Go From Here?

One element I enjoyed in the CO2 cohort was its focus on “Checking In”. Many of us in Communitas have become familiar with this practice at the start of a meeting or in a group. CO2 is where the practice originated. I appreciated the background info as well as how this practice was woven into each CO2 meeting. However, the CO2 cohort takes “Checking In” a step further by offering 5 options for responses to the person who is “Checking In”. I think our group would say that these 5 options were game changers in learning how to better come alongside someone so they feel heard and understood. 

Melinda Means

Field Staff, Communitas International


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